My first interview!

Regular blog posting will resume shortly. In the meantime: I got interviewed!

I met business and lifestyle coach Mallie Rydzik of The Off-Road Millennial on Twitter earlier this year, and we hit it off over some shared humor. One of Mallie’s awesome offerings is a weekly podcast with young entrepreneurs who are doing “off-road” things with their lives. She’s interviewed life coaches, musicians, storm chasers, people who live in tiny houses, and quite a variety of others. And as of today (well, technically as of about a month ago, but it went live today), she has interviewed me!

My first interview experience was actually really great. Mallie is very laid back, so it was pretty much like having a conversation with a good friend. We talked about what being a word coach means, the impact editing and coaching can have on your words, some common misconceptions about the work those people do, and what it’s like to work with me in those areas. We also talked about World Domination Summit, holding for Ranson, and why I’m on the road trip I’m on. It was a lot of fun!

Check out the interview here. It’s not crazy long, only about 30 min, and there’s a lot of laughter. If you hear something that moves you or makes you laugh or makes you think, let me know in comments what it was. :)

Thanks so much for listening to my first interview! And make sure to check out what Mallie‘s got to offer as well–she’s doing some awesome things these days and I’m so excited to know her.