Hi there!

My name is James Ranson. I’m an editor, a ghostwriter, an all-purpose tenor, and most importantly a traveler.

In early 2014, I felt like my life was holding me for ransom. One day I woke up and decided I’d had enough of that. I wanted to take back my freedom.

I wanted to hold my life for Ranson.

So after a couple months of preparation, I got in my car and started driving around the US.

If you’re reading this now, I’m still going. Thanks for joining me!

If you’ve come seeking editing, ghostwriting, book consulting or other professional services, please meet me over on the Work With Me page.

You can also shoot me an email at heldforranson@gmail.comor find me on Twitter at @heldforranson.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Things you may find on the blog include, but are not limited to:

Narratives of my extended road trip

My favorite things you can ONLY do in certain US cities

Reviews of the best places to stay around the US

My experiences attending conferences, retreats, expositions and other gatherings

Notes on itinerant pursuit of hobbies like swimming, Crossfit, choral singing, poker, etc.

My thoughts on entrepreneurship, travel, personal development, and life

Much, much more!

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!